The Pagan


Aromatic Buckwheat Sourdough bread.

A smooth half dark bread with a subtle whiff of buckwheat - supple crumb with a thin yet crunchy crust. Goes well with salty or sweet toppings. Ideal for toasting or roasting.

169,90  620g
151,70  without VAT 244,67  without VAT per kg

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Water, sourdough from buckwheat, rice and water, rice, quinoa, millet, tapioca starch, psyllium, yeast cultures, salt.

Nutrient values per 100g

Carbohydrates44,3 g (of which sugars only 0,8 g)
Proteins5,5 g
Salt1,3 g
Fats1,5 g (of which saturated fatty acids 0,2 g)
Fiber3,2 g
Energy219 kcal / 929 kJ
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Breads made from organic flours and naturally gluten-free

Breads made from organic flours and naturally gluten-free

We use only naturally gluten-free flours, no deproteinated wheat, rye, oat. No chemical additives or chemically treated thickeners. All our products are suitable for a celiac diet.

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Whole food

Whole food

We use only natural ingredients, most of them are organic and are high-quality sources of protein, rich in fibers, minerals, and vitamins. Our products are suitable for celiacs, vegetarians, and vegans. Hand picked materials, finished products scrupulously tested by an accredited state laboratory in SVÚ Jihlava.

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Fresh homemade sourdough

Fresh homemade sourdough

Our key to obtaining the perfect gluten-free sourdough is a slow fermentation process, in which microorganisms break the complex molecules into simple ones. This process develops the characteristic sourdough flavor, wakes up the natural aromas of the flours, and makes the bread easy to digest. Fermented dough also enhances an effective expansion of the dough with nice pores in the crumb. That's why we don't need thickeners like carob, xanthan, guar gum. We don't like them, and we believe that usually, less is more.

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Handmade & climate friendly & sustainable

Handmade & climate friendly & sustainable

All our products are freshly baked to order, carefully handmade in the craft art of traditional bakers. We use regional products when available. The production process is climate friendly and we are serious about sustainability: Our ovens run with photovoltaic energy. All products come in ecological packaging, even the transparent film in our packaging is fully bio recycable as it is made from natural cellulose or from GMO-free corn starch.

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Of course, Pohan The Pagan!

For our newest bread, we were looking for a name that would capture its essence intuitively. Something which would capture its unique dark aroma and rich taste, its crunchy yet thin crust, and the supple crumb.

One of the first people to taste it was someone who did not even know that it is natural, vegan and gluten-free. While she said it was excellent, she just shrugged and said: "Alright, really good, but a normal bread, why do you ask?" - We were thrilled but it did not help us much in finding a new name: normal bread? Ugh.

Our new bread has a half-dark supple and soft crumb, and a thin crust. The colour is a touch of gold. Then it would be the golden bread. The subtle aroma is a little bit nutty, but of course we never use nuts and avoid allergens, use no spices or sugar, and the bare minimum of salt to balance the caramelisation of the crust. Thanks to the ultra slow fermentation with a novel homemade sourdough, the aromas blend together in a complex but mild bouquet, which has a soft punch of buckwheat but without its characteristic dominant "bitter bite".

So we took it to our café and offered anyone who cared to taste to suggest a name. It is the ALMACAFÉ in picturesque Maletice on the Blanice river, right next to our bakery.

Two people suggested "Pohan", the Czech word for Pagan, which is associated with hedonistic pure pleasure. In Brazil, when you mean pure and good pleasure without guilt, you say "barbaridade". It expresses perfectly the immediate, honest taste, the forces of nature, without ideolog or circuitous poetic bla-bla. The balanced recipe contains all vital nutrients which your body needs: proteins, vitamins, minerals like magnesium which keeps your veins and your heart arteries firm and fit.

Our breads and pastries have fetched prizes in open competitions, which do not have special categories for gluten-free or vegan. Just the taste, aroma, and haptics count.

And then, we use solar panels to power our ovens and for our packaging that touches the bread we use no plastics. By now you can guess that were are total fanatics of top quality and clean, honest products.

We bake to order and get it to our customers in perfect freshness. Or just come and visit us in Maletice for a breath of fresh air and peace. Welcome in the world of ALMAGRANA, in Maletice in Southern Bohemia! Your Popovič family.

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