Multigrain Marathon


The award-winning king of multigrain breads with lots of seeds. Multigrain gluten-free sourdough bread.

Full of nutritious grains, seeds, and proteins. Unmatched aroma of quinoa, millet, pumpkinseed, sesame, linseed, and chia. Zero wheat, rye, spelt, barley, oat makes it also suitable for every celiac diet.

169,90  500g
147,74  without VAT 295,48  without VAT per kg


Water, rice, millet, quinoa, tapioka, flaxseed, pumpkin seed, sesame seedssalt, psyllium, yeast, chia seeds

Nutrient values per 100g

Carbohydrates34,4 g
Proteins7,5 g
Fats8,5 g
Fiber5,9 g
Energy256 kcal / 1073 kJ
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All breads organic and naturally gluten-free

We use only naturally gluten-free flours, no deproteinated wheat, rye, oat. No chemical additives or chemically treated thickeners. All our products are suitable for a celiac diet.

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Whole food

Whole food

We use only natural ingredients, most of them are organic and are high-quality sources of protein, rich in fibers, minerals, and vitamins. Our products are suitable for celiacs, vegetarians, and vegans. Hand picked materials, finished products scrupulously tested by an accredited state laboratory in SVÚ Jihlava.

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Fresh homemade sourdough

Fresh homemade sourdough

Our key to obtaining the perfect gluten-free sourdough is a slow fermentation process, in which microorganisms break the complex molecules into simple ones. This process develops the characteristic sourdough flavor, wakes up the natural aromas of the flours, and makes the bread easy to digest. Fermented dough also enhances an effective expansion of the dough with nice pores in the crumb. That's why we don't need thickeners like carob, xanthan, guar gum. We don't like them, and we believe that usually, less is more.

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Handmade & climate friendly & sustainable

Handmade & climate friendly & sustainable

All our products are freshly baked to order, carefully handmade in the craft art of traditional bakers. We use regional products when available. The production process is climate friendly and we are serious about sustainability: Our ovens run with photovoltaic energy. All products come in ecological packaging, even the transparent film in our packaging is fully bio recycable as it is made from natural cellulose or from GMO-free corn starch.

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What makes this bread so special?

Of all our gluten-free sourdough bread this one contains the most protein and is high in fiber. It has no added sugar which makes it diabetes-friendly and ideal for any low-carb diet. A crispy crunch with a supple crumb, every bite a nutty flavor of seeds and grains.

Goes well with:

An ultra rich taste bouquet of whole grain, flaxseeds, pumpkin seeds, three kinds of sesame, brought to full bloom by careful fermentation with sourdough - all this can be enjoyed with airdried hams, aromatic cheeses, or tapenade, crushed rucola and herbs. On the road or for endurance sports, a few bare slices will give you a kick of stimulating energy and aromas.

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